INNER YOUTH face-yoga & self-care


As a business woman I have faced burnout due to work overload and since then,  I have been searching for a way to return to self care and restore my life energy back. 

Starting with Tao Face Yoga license by @savinaatai course, I have found a combination of techniques which helped me establish  hormonal balance again and continue with simple daily routines, all while still being able to continue my business path.

I have set boundaries in my life and as a consequence people have noticed that I look better at my 48 than I did at 42, which is a side effect of inner body rejuvenation process. 

 I have established INNER -YOUTH program, to share this with all others, men and women - routine that helped me restore my hormonal balance, life energy and made me feel better during an extremely hard time of my life.

I am a licensed instructor of "5 Women Within by Savina Atai & Mantak Chia" and “Juicy Woman Lifting by Savina Atai and Mantak Chia.

 I have graduated from nutrition at Ljubljana University, Food Technology department and I am currently fulfilling my knowledge on special diets and dietary requests with licensed program of European Association of Fitness Professionals.

I have 25 years of experience in business development and sales.