INNER YOUTH face-yoga & self-care

2020 was a challenging year and has forced us all to transform our lifestyles.

2020 was a challenging year, full of unexpected twists. With pandemic of Covid19 I believe we have all faced fear and difficult days even too often.

I was practicing face-yoga exercises and evening inner-smile meditation as often as I could and that routine has really helped me to stress less and eliminate daily worries before sleep.
I have also enrolled additional license from Savina Atai, Juicy Woman Lifting, where I was "forced" to learn a lot more, about importance of correct breathing, combinations of acupressure points and relaxing meditation, superfoods and immune system boost, body exercises combined with face exercises for complete, hollistic approach to body wellbeing and it's power of lifting and healing through five elements and five vital organs health connection together with understanding of  life, monthly and daily cycles.

I have really re-discovered the importance of this routines while fighting with Covid19 myself for more than 4 weeks mid of October and even tougher regeneration process after I had no symptoms left. This was the point where I was feeling like my body lost it's power and I felt 10 years older. I could not even walk in the nature for more than 40 minutes and I had to lie down and rest.

This situation was a challenge for me, I felt powerless and weak.
When I had implemented additional practices of breathing and meditation, superfoods into diet plus  additional -  seasonal face exercises combined with soft but powerfull body exercises, together with oxygen re-fill with a lot of fresh air walking, I slowly started to feel better and look better too. Stubborn as I am I did not quit. Still after two and a half monts from infection I am not on a level I was before SarS-Cov2, however I feel much stronger already and ready and determoned to share this knowledge to the community. As this coplex knowledge has really halped me to recover faster after this disease. I also feel my immune system is finally getting back it's strength.

So, to sum-up 2020, I did my best decision in my life, to enroll into two courses from Savina Atai and now I am licensed instructor and can implement the knowledge into my  and your daily routine. As I am a business woman, with quite stressfull itinerary in my late 40's, I know now even more than I did before Covid19, how health and wellbeing are important and not self-evident, however enable us to continue to work and survive in these chaotic times.

Therefore, my New Year's resolution is simple, health is our most important asset no money can buy, so  I will keep working on better health for my self and my family.
In addition it is important for me to help others restore their balance and feel better too.
I will be starting with my online exercises that have helped me recover faster on January 4th, 2021. Check my Online classes tab for more info, you are welcome to join me.