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Empower your inner youth - train your face muscles

Implement our 15 minute morning face training routine into your daily schedule.
As a certified instructor of Tao Face Yoga according to 5 Women Within program by @SavinaAtai and Mantak Chia,

I would like to share my wonderful experience in a form of Online classes or Individual counseling, where holistic approach to restore your inner rejuvenation power will take place.

Take time for self care and for better you. Results are obvious, however they do not happen over night :-).

Did you know we have 56 face muscles, we need to work on ?

Training of your face muscles, with addition of correct breathing while performing this routine will start the juicyness process and rejuvenation of your glands in the center of your brain, namely you will be activating hypothalamus, pituitary gland and pineal gland, which by Taoists is also called crystal palace. With a daily routine - practicing 5 basic Tao Face Yoga exercises - you will activate all face muscles. In addition with help of the visual nerve - using your eyes and tongue as a muscle - you will add power to inner activation of your glands.

When I have started practicing this ritual, my family members were laughing, what faces are you making, you look like a crazy person. However after doing this 3-times a week for one month, I already felt much better. Then, I have started my licence with Savina Atai, where we had a whole weekend of practice - after those two days of intensive workout with my face, I felt better, my eyes were wide open, my face was shining and I did look a few years younger as a side effect ;-).

I was convinced that I need to follow this through and finish the program.

While writing this blog, I am enrolling in an additional classes from Savina Atai and licensing myself to deepen my knowledge even further, to be able to add bonus to my basic class and I hope I will be able to add all of this content soon. It has such an incredible effect on daily well being, so we are able to cope with daily stress at work and difficult situations much better prepared. In the evening, we can return to our energy and also add breathing exercise with 5 healing sounds and short meditation to it, in order to restore calmness and start overnight inner youth activation process.

After a while, adding face diagnostics and daily dairy entries to the process, we can also implement biorhythm clock and individually adjust our diet to Tao Face Yoga practice.

If you are interested to start, contact me for more info on

All online courses and individual counseling are available in English, Slovene or Croatian language.

Activate your inner youthfulness,


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