INNER YOUTH face-yoga & self-care

Get your Longevity Capsule with Individual Counseling.

This product consists of individual face diagnostics based on certified Taoist knowledge with a modern twist added from my experience,

and is also based on your one-month daily biorhythm tracking. 

To enroll,  you will have to take a few selfies and write a simple diary on your daily activities, for a month.

We will have an introductory video call of 60 minutes, followed by individual sessions 3x a week, for half an hour, for a period of three consecutive months. You will be trained and coached on how to execute all correctly to be able to bio hack your rejuvenation.

I will carefully review all data and suggest your personalized daily routine accordingly, result is a personalized mixture of short daily routines,

individually created only for you, which you will be able to execute your own Longevity Capsule.

A cost of such individual approach is a flat price of 100EUR/month.

You are welcome to send your inquiry to:

Longevity Capsule has an aim to improve an individual's well-being. 

It consists of a few different daily practices merged into the individual routine plan, empowered with supplements plan.

In a few months, individual clients can re-establish hormonal balance and their inner youthfulness with the adoption of a new self-care routines into their busy daily schedule.

As a result they are feeling great in their skin and body again, just by implementing a few rituals a day.

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Feeling well in your body is a mandatory result of implemented Longevity Capsule.