INNER YOUTH face-yoga & self-care

Daily Face Training Routine  - Online Class

Daily Face Training Routine class will teach you how to lift and exercise your face with
5 Basic Tao Face Yoga exercises. 

Why do you need that? 

Well, our health is our most important asset and we all want to feel better, look good and younger.

For myself this routine has first helped me feel better and rejuvenate during summer, 

bonus of the routine is in faster recovery  from Covid19 disease.

As a bonus I have decided that I will share additional breathing exercises  and what superfoods have I implemented in my daily diet to be able to recover faster from Covid19, which I suffered from in October 2020.

On-line class takes six full weeks with three sessions per week, each lasting half an hour. 

You can apply via e-mail:

or through Instagram account @inneryouthfulness

During this class you will learn how to perform exercises on your own in daily routine. 

We will be learning on-line together at 6:30pm CET, each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Reserve your spot at:

Class will be held in English language (also Slovenian and Croatian are possible), depending on registered participants.
Price per participant  per week is: 6 EUR, including V.A.T. and has to be paid prior to an event. 

For 6 weeks of exercise, for total of 18 sessions, your cost is 36 EUR. Try to join us and see the effects for yourself.

Promotion: Apply together with your friend and get 50% off for the second participant.

Our health is the most important asset we have. Be brave, register and implement this 15 minutes face training routine into your daily schedule. Take time to feel better and rejuvenate your face.

The goal of this program is to teach you how to empower your body and rejuvenate your face with five fantastic Tao Face Yoga exercises in a simple daily routine - this will help you restore the hormonal balance of your body - and with that, activate your inner youthfulness.

Results are obvious, however they do not happen over night.

Did you know we have 56 face muscles, we need to work on? Let's start face workouts together!