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Daily Face Yoga Training

Online Class

Basic exercises 

Daily Face Training Routine class will teach you how to lift and exercise your face with 5 Basic Tao Face Yoga exercises. 

Why do you need FACE YOGA? 

Did you know that we have 56 muscles on our face?

Have you ever tried to practice face-yoga, that is exercising your facemuscles?

We train our body and exercise all the time, however mainly we tend to forget on building-up our face. True?

You might ask - Why should I exercise my face, what good will this do?

Well, reason is very simple. With years our face muscles loose tonus too and we need to build-them up, so that our face does not sag. 

Face Yoga Practice lifts your face naturally as regular exercising builds up your face muscles, lifting is only a side effect ✌


will teach you 5 face yoga exercises in a month, for 19,99 EUR only.

Training is online, 3x a week, half an hour each session. I start with new group each month.

Bring your friend, and second participants gets 50% discount.

To register, send an e-mail to: